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We know virtual platforms (especially Zoom) inside-out, having used them for hundreds of online meetings, workshops and courses since adopting this solution in 2013. We work with individuals and organizations to help them enhance their virtual communications.

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Carlo Capua

Carlo Capua is an award-winning social entrepreneur, endurance athlete, and world traveler. Fluent in Spanish and Japanese, he’s completed an Ironman Triathlon and 18 marathons (including one in North Korea). Currently pursuing a master's degree at Harvard University, Carlo is a highly sought-after speaker, emcee, and facilitator. He’s consulted hundreds of small businesses and his innovative ideas have created jobs for 160 low-income men and women.

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Bill Alexy

Bill Alexy is a founding principal of Alexy 19, a design and engineering firm that focuses its work on collaborating across a spectrum of talents in industry and the service space.