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Our Meeting Squad experts have a proven method, to help individuals and organizations enhance their communications.

Security Analysis

We review your settings to plan against “Zoom bombing” by unwelcome visitors and hackers, protecting your meeting flow, content, guests, and most importantly, your reputation.

Meeting planning

We consult with you to better understand your company culture and key takeaways in order to build appropriate content and flow.

Live event support

During your event, your Meeting Squad consultant will provide real-time technical support for presenters, panelists, and participants.

Virtual Meeting Rehearsal

Prior to your event, we’ll schedule a virtual walk-through to test technology and transitions so the whole team feels prepared.

Pre-event “Green Room”

As your event begins, your Meeting Squad host will ensure all presenters are welcomed, audio levels are checked, flow is set, and everyone is ready for a great experience.

Full Event Moderation

We just need a script. Our professionals can emcee, moderate Q&A, run the meeting/event, present slides, manage transitions, etc. Our goal is to make you look good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rely on "in-person" events to sustain membership, meet budget, or keep your champions connected to your mission? If so, you need a Plan B.

The planning and promotion of your live event could quickly come to a screeching halt, as we've seen in a very abrupt and public way. Incorporating virtual elements (keynote, auction, interactive elements, etc.) safeguard your budget, reputation, and in some cases, the future or your organization.

We've all seen things go wrong - power goes out, video doesn't load, choppy microphone, to name a few. We focus on contingency solutions up front — a full run-through rehearsal before the event, back channels to communicate behind the scenes, live technician support, pre-recorded audio and video options, and more.

Be prepared. A presenter’s effectiveness can make or break the attendee experience, and train them on how the platform works and what to expect during the live event.

We advise all presenters on wardrobe, stage mannerisms, creative ways to connect with the audience, and other tips we've learned through other events we've hosted.